Your bridge to

Webb is a protocol lab focused on building privacy and cross-chain technology. We build zero-knowledge and multi-party computations systems to enable new cross-chain blockchain use cases.

Our focus is to build tools that are private and interoperable and composable

To grow privacy in a multi-chain world, we must build tools that enable collaborative privacy creation. Collaborative privacy creation is best suited in a multi-chain world.

Our privacy manifesto

We are building an interoperable private bridge.

Move assets across chains privately.

We use zero-knowledge proofs and novel distributed systems protocols to facilitate private cross-chain transfers.

Our bridge system is highly extendable to support a wide range of DeFi applications.

Our simple flow scales against most DeFi applications



Deposit a fixed-sized amount of assets into a pool to contribute to an aggregate anonymity set.


Earn Yield

Leave liquidity locked for longer to contribute to the aggregate privacy for longer and earn rewards while you wait.



Withdraw your locked assets at the destination chain you intended, obfuscating the path you took. Using a zero-knowledge proof, you will be able to withdraw privately at your destination.

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