Tech Update - 06/11/2021

By: Michael Enslein
Posted: June 11, 2021



Our first mixer is officially live on Edgeware's Beresheet testnet. The future upgrade into Edgeware will bring to the Edgeware community a privacy mixer for anonymising their EDG holdings.

Runtime logic

This week our engineers worked on a variety of areas, specifically runtime, smart contract, and zero-knowledge gadget development.

  • Integrating Arkworks gadgets into our Substrate runtime on the anon node.
  • Integrating Frontier EVM precompiles of our bulletproof zero-knowledge gadgets.
  • Working to integrate this new precompile into Harmony's Golang node.

dApp development

On the dApp side, we've been working to integrate new features, and we hope to go live with it soon! A list of some things we're working on are:

  • A network switcher for switching the conneted chains.
  • Support for Edgeware, Beresheet, Harmony, and other Substrate parachains.
  • EVM support for Substrate Frontier nodes as well as any other Ethereum based network.


We're also extending our toolchain to support new blockchain networks. This week we started integrating support in our relayer for:

  • New Substrate networks.
  • New EVM networks like Harmony.

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